What is DailyStory?

DailyStory is a Marketing Automation Platform that makes it easy for businesses to track, convert, and manage visitors through the process of becoming a customer.

Watch our 60-second overview video to quickly see what DailyStory does.

To learn more about DailyStory features, benefits, and pricing please visit the www.dailystory.com website.

What can you do with DailyStory?

Run marketing campaigns DailyStory is used to run email marketing campaigns, Text Messaging campaigns, Social Media campaigns and much more. This includes: sending newsletters, running email sequences, automated sending thank you emails, sending reminder text messages and sharing content on social media.

Segment your audience as a CRM, DailyStory is used to manage your customers and your prospective customers. With its unique ability to build rich customer segments from customer properties, you can segment your audiences to ensure you send them only the right content.

Map your customer journey DailyStory is built to enable you to see exactly what your customers are and aren't doing when it comes to your content. Use Link Tracking to see which links convert customers, use Ad Tracking to see which ads and keywords convert customers. And with its customer journey features, you can see exactly where on your website customers spend their time.

Personalize your content using DailyStory's personalization engine you can personalize any email, text message, landing page and more. Personalization ensures that your content fits the audience it is sent to.

And that is just a preview of the capabilities!

Getting Started with DailyStory

If you are new to DailyStory we recommend starting with the quickstart and visiting our website www.dailystory.com.