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New? Start Here

New to DailyStory? Start here with 6 key steps to setting up your account so you can begin sending your first messages.

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Your DailyStory Settings

From a simple setup to all the bells and whistles, see articles on how to configure your account, add users, change defaults and more.

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Build Popular Campaigns

We'll take you step-by-step through building the most popular campaigns that drive revenue, find new customers and build loyalty.

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Work with Contacts

A DailyStory Contact is a customer or prospective customer managed by DailyStory. Contacts can be grouped into lists and used across campaigns.

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Work with Campaigns

Campaigns organize and manage contacts and assets around activities and automations. Activities can include both inbound and outbound marketing tools.

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Inbound Marketing Tools

Tools and features for attracting and adding new leads and customers. Features like popups, web forms, QR codes and tracking links.

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Outbound Marketing Tools

Tools and features for communicating with your leads and customers. Tools like email, text messaging, and notifications

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Using Integrations

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Using Automation

'Set it and forget it" with automations. DailyStory’s Autopilot is a friendly, drag-and-drop automation builder. Using Triggers, Actions and Conditions you can model out complex user journeys and experiences.

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Reporting Tools

Reports and Dashboards enable you to see insights about your contacts as well as track, measure and monitor how your contacts and prospective clients interact with your marketing.

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Other Tools

Explore DailyStory's other tools and features like Tasks, Event calendars, File Manager and more.

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Help & Support

DailyStory help articles, chat support, ticket filing, feedback and more.

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