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Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) is a dedicated partner to the blood bank industry.

How to integrate BBCS and DailyStory

BBCS integration with DailyStory requires several steps.

  1. BBCS API URL and API Key

First, you'll need to contact BBCS and request an API URL and API Key. These are required to set up the integration with DailyStory.

  1. Enable integration in DailyStory

Navigate to Account Settings > Integrations, and select Blood Bank Computer Systems. Enter the API URL and API Key obtained in Step 1, and click the "Save" button.

Congratulations. BBCS integration is now successfully configured! Data will begin importing into DailyStory from BBCS.

Loyalty and Rewards

The following activities from BBCS generate loyalty points:

  • New Donor - when a new donor signs up
  • Schedule an Appointment - each time a donor schedules an appointment
  • Whole Blood Donation - each time a donor donates whole blood
  • Platelet Donation - each time a donor donates platelets
  • Double Red Donation - each time a donor donates double reds
  • Covid 19 Convalescent Plasma - each time a donor donates convalescent plasma

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