Viewing the Contacts in a Segment

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To view the contacts in a segment navigate to Segment and select a segment to view:

From this view you can also use search to perform some basic searching and filtering of contacts in the segment. You can also add/remove contacts from your segment if it is not a dynamic segment.

If you segment is dynamic you cannot add or remove contacts from your segment. Instead you will need to modify the search criteria of the dynamic segment

To remove contacts from the segment, click the checkbox next to a contact and then click the Remove link:

If you scroll to the bottom of the segment members you can also view statistics about the segment as well as export a list of members from this segment.

Segment statistics

If you scroll to the bottom of the page when viewing the members of a segment you will find some statistics about the segment:

  • Contacts in segment - total members of the segment
  • Opted out of email - contacts that have opted out of email
  • Opted out of text messages - contacts that have opted out of text messages
  • Opted out of phone - contacts that have opted out of phone calls
  • Opted out of push notification - contacts that have opted out of push notifications

When scheduling a message, such as an email or a text message, the total number of contact the message can reach is determined using the statistics. For example, if the above segment is used for an email only 174 contacts are able to be contacted by email (229 total contacts minus 55 opt outs).

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