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Use the direct search method if you want to directly search using any keyword and pull up contacts with matching information. Enter any text into the quick search text box. 

Tip: Enclose your text with double quotation marks to search for exact matches. You can also use a minus sign to exclude specific information from your search. For more information about using these methods, refer to Search using an exact phrase and Exclude an information from search.

Common Searches

Below are some common searches that are commonly used:

Search by phone number

You may want to search for a contact by phone number. In DailyStory phone number are stored in E.164 format. This is a standard phone number format and DailyStory will attempt to convert any phone number entered into this format.

E.164 format is as follows:

+[country code][phone number]

For example, a U.S. number with area code 202 is commonly shared as:


The E.164 format is:


Therefor when searching for a this phone number the search must include the country code:

You can also use wild cards to search for part of a number, for example: 1202555* will match all numbers that start with 1202555.

If you only want to search mobile numbers you can filter your search to only mobile numbers:


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