MINDBODY Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is MINDBODY integration only available with certain DailyStory licenses?

MINDBODY requires partners to pay to access the APIs for each MINDBODY Site Id. Because this is an expense for DailyStory, we only offer this integration for some licenses. However, please contact us as we can make exceptions.

Will DailyStory create a Contact for each of my client's?

Yes! When DailyStory runs sync for the first time, or why a new client is added to MINDBODY, DailyStory will create a new Contact record in DailyStory. Later, when information about your client changes in MINDBODY, such as they purchase a new service, this information will be added to the Contact in DailyStory.

Can I send text messages to my clients?

Yes! Using DailyStory's Text Messaging feature you can send text messages to your MINDBODY clients (as long as you have a valid mobile number).

Does DailyStory update my MINDBODY contacts?

Currently, no. DailyStory only receives updates from MINDBODY. We may consider adding two-way sync in the future.

How often does DailyStory sync data with MINDBODY?

DailyStory syncs data with MINDBODY every 3 hours.

Can I create segments for client's with different services or memberships?

Yes! Build a dynamic segment using a MINDBODY Service or Membership Type as part of the search criteria. DailyStory will build the segment and update it as your clients meet the criteria.

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