Creating Landing Pages Using the Content Gallery

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The best and easiest place to start when creating a new Landing Page is to use a pre-built template from our Content Gallery that you can customize.

  1. From the main navigation bar, click on Content > Content Gallery
  1. You can preview the template first by clicking on the Preview link, or you can install it as a landing page in your account by clicking on the Install Now button and select Install as Page Template.
  1. After you select Install as Page Template, you will see the familar Select a Campaign window prompting you to assin the page to an existing campaign or to create a new campaign.
  1. Once it's assigned to a campaign, you will be required to setup the page's properties (title, status and assign any web forms you've already created). You can access this section again and make revisions after it's been saved. To save it, click Create Page.
Only a page title is required to create a new landing page. Addtional Settings are optional and advanced options.
  1. Once you've created the page, click on Design Page to enter the landing page desinger and begin customzing your new landing page! You also have the option to directly edit the HTML.
The page automatically includes the DailyStory Beacon and Google Analytics (if configured).

Addtional Settings

In addition to setting the title, there are optional additional settings that can be configured:

  • Meta Author - the author's name; used for SEO
  • Favicon URL - the icon displayed in the browser tab when your page is viewed
  • Meta Description - a consise description of your page; used for SEO
  • Meta Keywords - keywords associated with your page; used for SEO
Note DailyStory will automatically create a random URL for your page. You can customize the URL later.

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