Tracking Links Frequently Asked Questions

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No, we currently do not integrate with other Link Management solutions. DailyStory's Link Management is part of the DailyStory platform and is designed to bring together many different tools into a single integrated solution. In the future we may consider integrating with other Link Management platforms.

We also do not recommend using a DailyStory Tracking Link to point to a Destination URL that goes through another Link Management platform.

There is a 15-20 minute delay from when a Tracking Link is clicked until the metrics start showing up. However, if you still aren't seeing any metrics it may be because the Tracking Link isn't setup correctly.

Verify that the Tracking Link works using the Test Tracking Link button. If the link is redirecting properly to your Destination URL, next check that the link you are sharing doesn't include the ?__PREVIEWMODE=1. This is a special instruction to tell DailyStory Link Management not to record metrics. Finally, if your Tracking Link still isn't working, please Contact Us. We'd be happy to help.

How does DailyStory know if my Destination URL is running the DailyStory Tracking Tag?

When you save your Tracking Link, DailyStory Link Management will validate your Destination URL and check if the DailyStory Tracking Tag is installed. There is nothing you need to do.

No, just create content in DailyStory and add links to whatever content you want. DailyStory Link Management will update your content and replace your links with Tracking Links before the content is sent.

What is a Unique Click vs. a unique IP address?

When a link is redirected to a URL running the DailyStory Tracking Tag, the Tracking Tag will receive information about the Tracking Link as a Unique Click and use this when it records the visit to the page. Later these visits, and link clicks, are aggregated into metrics for reports. This is distinct from a Unique IP address - Link Management receives the redirect request, but if the Destination URL is not running the DailyStory Tracking Tag a Unique Click cannot be recorded.

Why should I setup my own subdomain for DailyStory?

When someone clicks on your Tracking Link, DailyStory Link Management receives the request to our domain ( This is a special short-code domain setup for our customers to use. However, requests that use this short-code URL and then redirect to a URL that is not running the DailyStory tracking tag can only track clicks not conversions. If you provide your own URL for DailyStory to use that shares your domain, DailyStory can write a tracking cookie for your domain.

Requiring a password before DailyStory Link Management redirects to your Destination URL does not protect your content if the Destination URL is shared. If you require security for a file or page you wish to share to prevent access to the resource at the Destination URL, then you should consider more secure options.

When you delete a Tracking Link, the Tracking Link may continue to work, but will soon be unavailable and future clicks will be redirected to a generic DailyStory page indicating that the link is no longer available. Deleted links are moved to the Trash and can be recovered. However, after several days the Tracking Link and all metrics associated with it will be permanently deleted.

If you are no longer using a Tracking Link, but wish to retain metrics for the Tracking Link, you can Archive the Tracking Link. Tracking Links that are archived are no longer usable, but are not deleted.

Can my Destination URL redirect to another redirect URL?

Generally speaking, multiple redirects is considered bad and you risk Google, and other search engines, penalizing your links. We recommend that any Destination URL that DailyStory Link Management redirects to is the URL you want your visitors to end up at.

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