File Manager Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if my file is deleted?

When a file is deleted, File Manager moves the file to the Trash. Once placed in the Trash, the Public URL for your file will return a generic "not found" message. The File Manager will permanently delete files that have been in the Trash for more than 5 days. Prior to that, you can remove a file from the Trash.

What is the Public URL?

The Public URL is the URL used whenever your file is referenced. The Public URL will always return your file, even if you change your file's name, description or move it to a new folder.

If a file is moved, does it break the public URL?

No. The File Manager folders exists solely to help you easily organize your assets. Once uploaded, each asset is given a unique id and a public URL. Unless the file is deleted, the file can be moved between folders and the public URL will always work.

Can I upload a folder with files?

No. While you can upload multiple files, you cannot drag-and-drop or select a folder and upload all the contents of a folder.

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