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The Text / HTML widget is the most commonly used widget in the email designer. Use it for simple text or custom HTML.

When selected the Text / HTML widget opens a rich text editor in place of the Widget Menu.

Content is written or copy/pasted into the rich editor and is updated automatically in the design canvas.

Content that is copy/pasted is stripped of any special information, such as bolding or links. While inconvenient when copying rich text, this prevents unnecessary HTML from accidentally getting added.

The Text / HTML contains common buttons that should be familiar: font family, font size, font color, bold, italics, bulleted list, numbered list, link, and image. To use these items, first select the text, then click the appropriate button.

You may notice that the Style tab is still accessible when using the rich editor. The style tabs setting apply to everything in the editor. Whereas within the text you can select individual portions of content to change color, font size and more.

While it is possible to use an image inside the Text / Content widget this should only be used when trying to accomplish a design that requires special formatting of the image and surrounding text. Otherwise, a standard Image widget should be used.

There are two icons in the Text / HTML editor that are unique: the lightbulb and the code icon: lightbulb and code.

Dark mode

The lightbulb will switch the editor to dark mode. This is useful when working with light text:

When using dark mode the background color displayed in the editor does not affect the text in the email designer.


Using the Text / HTML widget enables you to edit or insert custom HTML directly into the designer.

Editing the direct HTML should only be done if you understand and are comfortable with HTML.

To edit the HTML simply click on the code button. This will open a popup where HTML may be directly edited:

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