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Use File Manager to manage all the files and folders used in your DailyStory assets.

Add Files

To add your files to File Manager you can either drag-and-drop files or use the File Manager upload tool. In both cases multiple files can be uploaded simultaneously.

Drag-and-drop files

To add files to File Manage using the drag-and-drop feature. Select your files - such as from Windows File Explorer - and drag them into your File Manager browser window:

When File Manager detects that files are being dragged in a green dashed border will appear. Release the mouse button to drop the files and they will begin uploading.

Upload files

Files can also be uploaded using a file upload screen. Click the menu in the top right and select Upload Files:

This will open up a file browser in either Windows or Mac:

Select one or more files and click "Open". The selected files will begin uploading.

Add folders

Folders in File Manager are an easy way to organize related files. To create a folder click the menu in the top right and select Create Folder:

This will open a modal asking for the name of your folder. Select a name and click Create. Once created File Manager will navigate to your new folder.

Move files

To move files from File Manager simply click the check box next to the files your want to move. A move link will appear at the top top left. Click move and a dialog will open to pick the folder to move the files to.

Moving files does not break any existing to those files. The URL to the file does not change.

Delete files or folders

To delete files or folders from File Manager simply click the check box next to the file or folders. A delete link will appear at the top right.

Click the Delete link and the files/folders will be moved to the trash.

If a folder contains files it cannot be deleted until all the files in the folder are also deleted.

Rename files or folders

To rename a file or folder from File Manager simply click the advanced options menu (3 dots) and select Rename.

Find or copy a file's URL

To find a document or image's URL in File Manager, click on the file in File Manager to select it and then you can click on the Copy URL button.

This option should be used in emails since we do not allow you to attach files to an email.

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