Email Designer Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Email Designer.

How do I center an image, text or video in my email?

To center an Image, Text Section, or Video in your email select the widget in the designer, select the  Style Menu and set Text Align to Center. For Image and Video widgets select the Image Wrapper or Video Wrapper before centering.

Why can't I select some widgets?

Some widgets, such as HTML tables used for email layout, cannot be selected because these HTML elements are part of the underlying email template.

Can I select my own font?

No. The fonts are currently limited to the fonts in the Style widgets menu. This is to ensure that emails will look consistent across multiple email clients.

Should I use an image as a button?

No. DailyStory's Widget button is a pure HTML button designed to display across email clients. Some clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, do not display images by default. This causes images buttons to have a lower click-through rate.

Can I have an MP4 video hosted on DropBox?

Yes. However, it is not supported by the Video widget. You will need to create a placeholder image that links to this video.

Can I directly embed a video into my email?

No. Email clients do not support embedded videos. When you use the DailyStory Video widget your video is replaced with an image that is linked to the video. See our article: Video embed: A how-to guide for emails.

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Email Frequently Asked Questions

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