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DailyStory makes use of modern email security features to ensure customer email is delivered on time and placed in the inbox. This includes setting up a dedicated subdomain to send emails from, separate from a customer's main domain, along with separate IPs associated with the subdomain.

For example, if you send emails as, DailyStory will require you to add several DNS records so that DailyStory can send your email using a subdomain, such as This is done so that when email is sent on your behalf, email recipients can validate that the email comes from you.

These records include SPF and DKIM records that allow for email servers to validate the sending domain and the from address. While you don't need to understand what SPF or DKIM records are, we do provide additional documentation explaining them in more detail.

Please contact us if you would like us to set up your DNS records for you. We would be happy to do so.

Select your email domain

Follow the instructions below to set up your domain and add the appropriate records to your DNS.

  1. Set up your domain

Navigate to Account Settings > Email:

Enter the domain, that you own, that you want to send email from. For example, if you are sending email from, enter your sending domain as

  1. Get your DNS records

DailyStory will provide content similar to the following:

You will need to add these records to your DNS for your domain. Typically, this is where you purchased your domain, such as GoDaddy.

  1. Go to your DNS provider

Your DNS provider is where you registered your domain. For example, if your domain is and you created that domain on GoDaddy, you would edit the DNS record in GoDaddy.

For example, here are how several records look in a customer DNS for GoDaddy:

Below are some links to common DNS providers' documentation on DNS records:

Important: When you enter a record, only use the Hostname portion, e.g. 'ds' or 'pic.domainkey.ds'. Unless specified by your domain provider, you do not need to enter the full domain, e.g. '' when setting up your records.
  1. Validate your DNS records

Once you have added the entries to your DNS, the records should be updated within 20 to 30 minutes and sometimes much sooner.

Validate your DNS records

There are two ways you can check if your records are set up correctly.

Validate within DailyStory

Navigate to Account Settings > Email

You will be taken directly to your DNS records.

If the DNS records are not set up correctly you'll see a red X with a tooltip. This indicates that the DNS record was either not found or set up incorrectly:

When the DNS record is set up correctly, you'll see a green check with a tooltip:

Validate with MX Toolbox

MX Toolbox is a free and commercial tool that you can use to validate your email DNS records.

Go to and enter your domain. If you set up the domain, enter

When set up incorrectly, MX Toolbox will show green checkboxes next to your records:

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