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10DLC allows businesses to send registered A2P (Application to Person) messaging traffic over local phone numbers, also known as “ten-digit long codes” (10DLC).

10DLC is an evolving process. There have been multiple changes and updates in 2022. For example, on November 1st, 2022 the carriers removed support for the "Starter" registration type.

Messages sent through DailyStory are considered A2P messaging. While DailyStory strongly recommends registering your business for 10DLC, it is not currently required (as of November 2022). 10DLC is also only used by U.S. carriers.

Registrations are managed by an industry organization called the Campaign Registry and your company only needs to register once. You can learn more about 10 DLC and its requirements here.

Prior to registering, we recommend reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Registering your business

DailyStory makes it simple to register your business for 10DLC within your DailyStory account. Currently, the only registration type supported is "Standard". A Standard registration has a one-time $100 registration fee and an ongoing $20/mo fee. Both of these fees are paid to the carriers on your behalf and billed to your method of payment on file as a separate monthly charge.

  1. Navigate to Account Settings > SMS Marketing 10DLC.
The details that you provide in this process determine the registration approval status and the throughput capabilities of your 10DLC campaign. Make sure that the information that you provide is accurate, e.g. your EIN matches your legal business name.
  1. Complete all form fields. Note: all fields are required. See below for help with what each field is asking for and any tips or guidelines.
  2. Once you've completed the form, click on the Submit for Review button. This will alert our DailyStory team and you will see the SUBMITTED APPLICATION status.
  1. Once our team has reviewed your application and submitted it for approval, you will see the status bar for APPLICATION APPROVED. Once the provider approves the application, you will see the final status 10DLC REGISTRATION COMPLETE highlighted.

Form field explanations

Contact Information Section
  • Company Name, enter the company name as listed on your EIN or Tax ID. Be sure there is no restricted content in your company name.
  • EIN or Tax ID, enter your company's EIN or tax ID.
    • If you're registering a US or non-US entity that has an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN), enter your nine-digit EIN. Please remember to also include the dash. The legal company name, EIN, and physical address that you enter must all match the company information that is registered with the IRS.
    • If you're registering a Canadian entity, enter your federal or provincial Corporation number. Don't enter the Business Number (BN) provided by the CRA. The legal company name, Corporation number, and physical address that you enter must all match the company information that is registered with Corporations Canada.
  • Company Phone Number, enter the main number for your company line.
  • Company Email, enter your company's email address where someone can be reached. Be sure there is no restricted content in your email address and it is not a Gmail address. When possible, it should be an address that matches your company domain. For instance, hello@dailystory.com.
  • Company website, enter the full URL of your company's website. Include "http://" or "https://" at the beginning of the address. Be sure there is no restricted content in your company's URL.
Company Address Section
  • Company Address/Street, enter the physical street address associated with your company.
  • Company City, enter the city where the physical address is located.
  • Company State, enter the state or region where the address is located.
  • Company Postal Code, enter the ZIP or postal code for the address.
  • Company Country, choose from the drop-down.
Company About Section
  • Company Vertical, choose the category that best describes the company you're registering.
  • Company Type, choose the category that best describes the company you're registering.
  • Example text messages, During the registration process you will be asked to provide several example text messages. We recommend providing examples that are generic but represent the types of messages you intend to send. We recommend using simple, clean messages for your samples. We do not recommend including any direct URLs. 

Rather messages, like. "...get BOGO when you complete your purchase [URL HERE]..." should be used.

10DLC registration statuses

When we register your company, one of two statuses is returned: either Unverified or Verified. If the status for your company registration is Unverified, it means that there was an issue with your registration. For example, the Registered Company Name that you provided might not exactly match the registered name of the company associated with the Tax ID that you provided.

If the status for your company registration is Verified, then the registration details you provided were accurate.

Updating your website

In addition to submitting your 10DLC registration data, you may also need to update your website's terms and conditions. We've provided some sample terms and conditions for SMS marketing.

Additionally, you must provide a clear way for customers to opt-in and opt-out of your SMS marketing. For example:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about 10DLC that we also addressed in our blog post.

What is 10DLC?

10 DLC allows businesses to send sanctioned A2P (Application to Person) messaging traffic over local phone numbers, also known as “long codes”. Messages sent through DailyStory are considered A2P messaging.

Once registered with 10DLC customers will be able to send messages at a higher volume with less filtering. We are told this will result in fewer carrier violations and a higher deliverability rate.

The current throughput rate published by our provider is up to 4,500 transactions per minute

Do I need to register for 10DLC?

If you choose not to register for 10DLC your messaging traffic is sent as "unregistered". This may result in lower delivery rates. However, there are many factors that can impact your delivery rate. We still have many customers sending unregistered traffic and getting 95%+ delivery rates.

What happened to the free "Starter" registration?

On November 1st, 2022 the carriers removed the "Starter" registration. This registration type was meant for smaller businesses sending less than 10K messages/day. We have been told that a "Starter" registration type will most likely be re-introduced, but we do not have a date as to when that may happen. Currently, your only option to be registered is as a "Standard" Registration.

What if I registered previously with a "Starter" registration?

If you completed the DailyStory 10DLC application process with a "Starter" registration previously. Your messaging traffic is now sent as unregistered and you will see this warning on the SMS Marketing 10DLC form:

What is A2P 10DLC compliance?

In early 2021 phone carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) have begun to further restrict SMS marketing by rejecting messages as “carrier violations”. At the same time they have also added new surcharges for A2P 10DLC text messaging. And, simultaneously introduced new business registration requirements for A2P 10DLC SMS marketing.

The telecommunication carriers state they are “updating their systems to delivery better quality and lower filtering” for certain businesses that use 10DLC A2P.

And, just like any message sent through DailyStory, the message cannot contain any S.H.A.F.T. (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms or Tobacco) content.

Are there any fees associated with 10DLC?

Yes, each Standard campaign registration will incur a one-time registration fee of $100. This fee is charged by the carriers, not by DailyStory. However, DailyStory will pay for it on your behalf and it will appear on your next invoice. Additionally, there is a $20/month 10DLC fee, also charged by the carriers, which will be added to your monthly invoice if you utilize DailyStory’s text message marketing.

Will registration impact my deliverability?

We have been told that registered traffic will have a higher deliverability.

What happens if I don't complete the registration?

If you do not complete a 10 DLC registration your messaging traffic is sent as unregistered.

What if I don't have an Employee Identification Number (EIN)?

An employee identification number (EIN) is only required if you want to complete the 10 DLC registration.

What if my business name or website URL has restricted content in it?

If your business name or URL has restricted content you cannot register with that business name or URL. You will need to create a new EIN or business website to use.

Can I use a Gmail address as my business email in the application?

No, please do not use a @gmail address in your application. We recommend using a business email address. An email address from @gmail.com is considered an anonymous email address.

What does this mean for the content of my text messages?

It is very important that messages are sent to opted-in subscribers and contain content that is clean. Attempts to include restricted content either as text or images will result in your messages getting blocked and then ultimately may result in your entire account getting blocked by the carriers (preventing any future delivery).

Does this change how many phone numbers I need?

No, you will continue to utilize the numbers you've already purchased.

Will the cost of my messages change?

There will potentially be cost savings for sending registered 10DLC traffic. However, we don’t know yet what those are.

What if I don’t want to participate?

We understand that you may not wish to participate in 10DLC registration. While we understand this, please know that not participating in 10DLC will have an impact on the deliverability of your messaging. The phone carriers have stated that they will implement additional filtering on content sent by non-10DLC registered businesses.

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