Mailfloss Integration

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Mailfloss is an email verification and email cleansing service. By integrating Mailfloss with DailyStory unverified emails for contacts will automatically get cleansed. And, unverifiable emails are prevented from sending.

How to integrate Mailfloss and DailyStory

Mailfloss integration with DailyStory requires several steps.

  1. Mailfloss API Key

Obtain a API key for Mailfloss. Note, this requires you to have a commercial account with Mailfloss. You can find your API key here:

  1. Enable integration in DailyStory

Navigate to Account Settings > Integrations and select Mailfloss. Enter the API key obtained in step 1 and click the "Save" button:

Mailfloss Cleansing

Once Mailfloss integration is enabled DailyStory:

  • Automatically cleanses email addresses - email addresses that have not yet been sent to are verified with Mailfloss. Unverifiable emails are prevented from sending helping keep your bounce rate low.

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