DailyStory Segments Guide

A segment in DailyStory refers to a group of contacts with shared or common attributes that are grouped together for marketing purposes. The Segments feature enables you to target a select group of c…

Richale Cabauatan
Updated 2 months ago by Richale Cabauatan

Create a Static Segment

You have several ways to create a static segment. From the main toolbar, select Contacts > Create Segment.. From the Segments Page, select + Create in the Segment left side-bar menu.. Import a list o…

Christy Cook
Updated 2 months ago by Christy Cook

Create a Dynamic Segment

Creating a Dynamic Segment with contact search. The easiest was to create a Dynamic Segment is to start in Contact Search. Click on the Contacts button from your main dashboard or navigate to Contact…

Christy Cook
Updated 2 weeks ago by Christy Cook

Add Contacts to a Static Segment

Once a segment is created you can add contacts to the segment. You can only add contacts to a static segment. If you try to add a contact to a dynamic segment you will be unable to do so. Add a Singl…

Christy Cook
Updated 2 months ago by Christy Cook

Viewing the Contacts in a Segment

To view the contacts in a segment navigate to Segment and select a segment to view: From this view you can also use search to perform some basic searching and filtering of contacts in the segment. Yo…

Rob Howard
Updated 1 month ago by Rob Howard

Deleting a Segment

To delete a segment, edit the segment and simply click the Delete button when editing a segment. When a segment is deleted it is inactive and not accessible for adding/removing contacts, adding to ca…

Rob Howard
Updated 3 months ago by Rob Howard

Segment Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Segments. What is a static segment? A static segment is a segment that you manually add/remove Contacts to. What is a dynamic segment? A dynamic segmen…

Christy Cook
Updated 2 months ago by Christy Cook