May 29, 2017

Bug fixes and improvements to DailyStory JavaScript library

  • Fixed reference problem with mobile and tablet checks.
  • Added event for exit (ds_exit)
  • Cleaned up some issues with cover in preparation for release

Other fixes / improvements

  • Added HTML tab for pages. Much better than tinymce source
  • Added tooltips to pages
  • Removed code option from pages and email editors
  • Added test page for DailyStory javascript API

May 26, 2017

Number of bug fixes, improvements and stub in a few new features based on customer feedback.

  • Updating licensing logic to check for users that do not have a credit card for their account. Example, they paid via invoice.
  • Added a new public API for looking up a dsid by email address. This is for one of our Telligent customers for the integration we are building.
  • Added a new tracking event to enable customers to create, send and track custom events with their campaigns. Added to the DailyStory JavaScript API.
  • Version update for DailyStory javascript API to version 1.3. Added new event tracking logic, new ds_ready event, fixed a bug in sayHello function that cause querystring conflicts
  • Big update to web form editing. Simplified and added support for free text within the forms.
  • Fixed navigation elements in administration
  • Added Text option for web form in enum
  • Added GetContactByEmailAsync method that looks up using the site id
  • Added EventQueueItem for user events
  • Fixed issue in license check, now by passes users in the DailyStory admin role.
  • Fixed bug in link tracking to show customer domain if one is mapped to Dailystory
  • Fixed bug in PayPerClick Keyword summary that was calculating with MCL instead of MQL
  • Fixed bugs in popup reports
  • Updated SQL in select users lookup to skip DailyStory admin id

May 25, 2017

  • Added support in Web Forms for adding text in the form
  • Added support for horizontal css forms
  • Updates to web forms landing page javascript

May 23, 2017

  • Fixed login bug that would appear when switching between logins or if a login existing in another tab.
  • Fixed another bug with Debug logic; simple redirect fixed this to ensure cookie and credentials were written out.
  • Fixed bug with web form that caused editing the call to action button to change another button's text.
  • Fixed bug with web forms that prevented a pre-existing call to action text from getting updated
  • Popup reporting had a bug with how it calculated conversions.
  • Improvements to popup reporting to use a join to connect with lead table
  • Updates to web tracking callback to remove checks for a json string from popup
  • Updates to CMS functionality to add support for horizontal web forms
  • Fix in Ds Javascript API to handle a case where the popup was not reseting the overflow on the body tag. Still not sure this is 100% addressed.

May 21, 2017

  • Updates to form designer to simplify
  • Consolidated form designer css
  • Updated licensing flow to match with changes
  • Updated email designer for test email to only support a single test message
  • Added call to action button in form designer - text box only was bad UX
  • Added call to action default value and automatic default if left blank
  • Fixed bug in email tester that would cause a double email to be sent in some cases
  • Updated text in upload contact to reflect that bulk import can take 10-15 minutes to update
  • Improvements to bulk import / lead import jobs to make it much faster. Basically job runs until queue is empty vs. working in sets

May 9, 2017

Small bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in send test email
  • Updated contact DsId property to include setter/getter logic for dsid formatting
  • Added Api entry as a lead creation type
  • Updates to Lead PageView Report
  • Some clean-up on aisle 5 (more UX nits with login)

May 6, 2017

Added support for alternative URL in tracking URLs for Google

May 3, 2017

A few small updates today that improve overall performance.

  • Converted all lead paths to go through queue for faster writes.
  • This also included improvements to the popup.
  • Fixed bug in web activity item that was preventing drill down on lead page.
  • Added option when creating new lead to not send a new lead notification (e.g. on bulk import)
  • A few bug fixes to salesforce integration to handle close date on leads
  • Simplified the lead import job

Added new Lead PageView Report

  • Provides a list of page views broken down by qualified leads

We also enabled the UK data center.

May 2, 2017

Updated trial, login and logout pages to simplify them more.

  • Changed reset, forgot password, welcome and invitation to use a floating boxy style UX
  • Removed the requirement when creating a trial to enter your company name, now just Trial Account"
  • Moved common login functionality to login.js

May 1, 2017

Quite a few updates for the start of May:

A number of improvements and bug fixes to the contact import functionality. Including:

  • Support for ignoring the first row in a CSV file in case it contains column headers.
  • Support for adding new contacts to a campaign.
  • Fixed bug in HTML encoding/decoding when copy/pasting CSV values in text box
  • Cleaned up import screen and moved documentation to

Updated Contact export

  • There was a bug in contact export that was using the lead format.
  • Added additional contact specific fields
  • Updated both contact and lead export to move date time stamps to last column

DailyStory JavaScript API

  • Minor update to the hello bar, still not ready for public use

Bug fixes and enhancements to popups

  • Started wiring in support for layout, but still not enabled in production

Bug fixes and enhancements to utility script

  • Added support for loading / unloading state for long running web tasks.