November 30, 2017

  • Email delivery report with opens, clicks, and bounces
  • Email optout report
  • API /about end point
  • Refactor Campaign controller for better performance
  • Convert bulk import to use field map json file
  • Add EmailReports
  • Add Email Summary Report
  • Add optout report to navigation
  • Update LeadStats job to not use MailGun stats for opened or clicked
  • Refactor EmailRedirectQueue job to handle clicks and opens for emails
  • Update MailGun integration to ignore opens and clicks
  • Add event webhooks for Zapier support
  • Add ContactMapFile for better bulk import support on background jobs
  • Refactor license to allow for overriding default license limits
  • Refactor CampaignEmailReport and Add EmailSummaryReport
  • Update WebTrackingCallback to use queues to track email opens

November 28, 2017

  • Added support for Zapier triggers and actions beta
  • Refactor the API namespace
  • Add support for event webhooks for Zapier and other developers
  • Add support for PagedApiStatusResponse for paged responses from the API
  • Changed Do Not Contact to a toggle option and refactored
  • Added support for event webhooks when new lead is created
  • Added h:sender header for better MailGun on behalf of support
  • Initial check-in of WebhookEventQueue job
  • Api for subscribe/unsubscribe to webhook events. Mainly for Zapier for now
  • Added List api to api/lead
  • Fixed bug in opt-out
  • Changed opt out behavior in contact to use toggle button
  • Changed bulk import to background process

November 26, 2017

  • Fix bug with description serialization on forms
  • Refactor and clean up jobs
  • Fix bug in unsubscribe from lead notification emails
  • Initial updates for Zapier support
  • Bug with reseting DsId from querystring
  • Support for Zapier Trigger web hooks

November 15, 2017

  • Conversion events are highlighted better on the lead timeline
  • Reports export controller handles Lead Extended Properties
  • Add support for textareas on Magic Forms
  • Add support for assets section of campaigns to quickly see which DailyStory features are used
  • Add support for custom fields on webforms
  • Add support for Campaign listing in Popups, Content Pages, Magic Forms, Pay per click,
  • Add full url property to Content Pages for editing
  • Add support for ICampaignAsset to Emails, Link Tracking, Magic Forms, Popup, Web Form
  • Reverse sort the web activity items for leads so page views are old > new
  • Update link tracking queue item insert to use creation date vs execution date
  • Bug in campaign ruleset with id management
  • Fix encoding bug for admin editing in Google Analytics

November 13, 2017

  • Http Verb tracking for redirects
  • Fix bug in encoding for Google Analytics in UX
  • Fix bug in trial setup

November 11, 2017

  • Fix bug in Magic Form location parsing
  • Better error logging for general exceptions
  • Bug in Popup reports from refactor

November 10, 2017

  • Refactor popups
  • Better log handling to prevent log flooding
  • Better ordering for link quick menu items
  • Fix HTML encoding issues with Google Analytics tag integration
  • Update content pages to use Google Analytics tags and remarketing tags

November 9, 2017

  • Updated all jobs to use connection provider environment variables
  • Added more tests for jobs
  • Move automation rules processing to its own job
  • Added RunAutomations job
  • Better exception handling/logging for Salesforce
  • Changed Salesforce sync to only occur on lead creation
  • Fix for OriginAS parsing in Ip lookup
  • Added additional logging for application errors
  • Added caching for campaign rule sets as part of performance improvements
  • Performance improvments to DsJsonWrapper to prevent cache race condition
  • Performance improvements to WebForm lookups
  • Better logic for output caching of json and other downstream file types
  • Some UX improvements

November 3, 2017

  • Updates to Daily Digest
  • Added form type to Web Forms to support data entry use case
  • Refactor Lead to removed description from extended properties
  • Refactor Lead to use Lead Extended Properties
  • Added Admin class
  • Added Page Info report and fixed bug in summary report
  • Performance improvement to rendered json
  • Performance improvements on generated Ds files

November 2, 2017

  • Remove modal campaign selector from link tracking

November 1, 2017

  • Update to Salesforce integration to better support lead field mapping
  • Added SalesforceFieldItem to represent the salesforce field data
  • Converted Salesforce import to use field item
  • Removed some forced properties from the Salesforce object
  • Added page for configuring Salesforce settings to App
  • Added better support for radio and checkbox input types in Magic Forms
  • Added Ux to Lead Detail for extended properties
  • Added test link option to inbound/outbound links
  • Formatting on IpInfo
  • Updates to Lead Queue Item to write into Lead Extensions
  • Added clean up to ds_redirect_log to clean up orphaned items
  • Fix for Lead Extended Properties