Import Contacts

Contacts can easily be bulk imported into DailyStory using DailyStory's Bulk Import tool. The only required field to import a contact is an email address.

Important the email address must be the first column in your CSV file.

The Bulk Import tool can load new contacts from text or from a CSV file.

To find the Bulk Import tool click Accounts > All Contacts:

All Contacts Menu

Next, click the + Add contact button:

Add contact

Finally, click "bulk import contacts" link on the Create Contact screen:

Create Contact

This will open the Bulk Import tool:

Bulk Import Tool

Load from text

To load new contacts from a text file simply copy/paste the contact information you wish to import.

Each contact should start on a new line and contacts that contain spaces or commas should be enclosed with double-quotes.

For example:

Amy Jones,,"ACME, Inc."

After entering the contacts to import click next. On the next screen you can map contacts to fields.

important: do not put spaces after comma separated values. Use quotes if content contains a comma.

Load from CSV

To load new contacts from a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file just click "Select a CSV file to upload". After selecting a file you can map contacts to fields on the next screen.

How to create a CSV file from Excel

Create a new Excel file or use our sample CSV file.

Column headers are optional, but recommeded

Enter data for your contacts that you wish to import.


Next, save the file locally as a CSV file:


Map Contact Fields

After selecting the data you are taken to the final screen where you tell DailyStory how to import the contacts:

Map Fields

For each data field you will need to either map it to the appropriate field in DailyStory or choose to ignore it. And remember, you must select an email address as it is the only required field:

Choose Field

For example, we'll map: * Fullname to Full name * Email Address to Email address * Company to Company or organization name

Next you can optionally select a campaign to add the contact to. A contact can be part of one or more campaigns and contact in a campaign is called a lead.

Finally, since the CSV file we imported had headers we'll check "Do not import first row" and then click Import Contacts.

After the contacts are imported we'll see:


Important Details to Know About Contact Import

Some important information about contact import:

  • You can reimport the same contact multiple times. If new information is found, the existing contact will be updated as long as the email addresses are the same.
  • When adding contacts to a campaign, new lead notification emails are not sent and if a lead that is of status: Active, Qualified, or Rejected already exists for that contact it will not be re-added.