Installing the DailyStory Tracking Tag

The DailyStory tracking tag, also called a tracking code, is a small piece of JavaScript that needs to be added to the <head> of all your web pages.

The DailyStory tracking tag is similar to other tags, such as Google Analytics.

Setting up the Tracking Tag

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the Tracking Tag

You can find the DailyStory tracking tag on the user drop down when you are signed in to DailyStory: Tracking Tag

This will take you to the Account Settings > DailyStory Site ID and Tracking Code page: DailyStory Site ID and Tracking Code page

The Site ID, which is already included in the JavaScript tracking code, is a unique identifier that helps DailyStory know data is coming from your website.

The DailyStory JavaScript tracking code should be added to any pages within your website, community or landing pages where you want to enable DailyStory functionality.

Installation Guides

You can install the tracking code manually or follow one of our installation guides:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the DailyStory tracking tag.

Where should I place the tag?

Place the tracking tag in the <head> section of all pages in your website as well as any landing pages. It's important that the tracking tag is available on any pages people may visit.

How does the tracking tag work?

The tracking tag serves several purposes:

  • Identifies and captures visits to build customer journey data
  • Loads the DailyStory JavaScript API
  • Enables integration with your website's forms
  • Tracks incoming links to your website

Is there anything else to install?

No, the tracking tag does not require any other JavaScript libraries.

Does the tracking tag slow down my web page?

No, the trackkng tag will not slow down your web page or interfere with loading pages in your website. The tracking tag is designed to load after your web page loads.

Can I install the tag with Google Tag Manager?

No, Google Tag Manager does not currently support DailyStory's tag because we have not submitted it yet.