MailChimp Integration for DailyStory

DailyStory is built to send personalized 1:1 emails. For bulk email marketing, such as a newsletters, we recommend using MailChimp. DailyStory's integration with MailChimp enables you to easily add contacts to MailChimp lists after progressing them through a DailyStory Workflow.

DailyStory does not currently enable bi-directional sync with MailChimp. Changes to customer information within MailChimp is not reflected in DailyStory.

Configuring MailChimp Integration

There are several steps required to configure DailyStory and MailChimp integration. These steps are detailed below.

  1. Create a MailChimp Account

To get started you will need to create an account on MailChimp and create one or more lists. For example, a newsletter list.

  1. MailChimp API Keys

Once you have a MailChimp account and one or more lists created, you will need to get your API key.

Within MailChimp navigate to your MailChimp Account:

MailChimp Account

Within Account select Extras > API keys:

MailChimp Account API Keys

Next, click "Create A Key":

Create API Key

This will create a new API key displayed in a textbox (blurred out below):

Copy API Key

Copy this API key as we'll need it next.

  1. Configure DailyStory

Login to DailyStory and go to Integrations.

To get to Integrations click on the shortcut menu in the top right and click Account Settings. Next, navigate to Integrations using the menu on the left.

Click on MailChimp:

MailChimp Integration

Enter the API Key from MailChimp and click Save.

Once MailChimp integration is enabled you can choose 'Add lead to MailChimp List' in a Campaign's Workflow and select the Mailing List to add that contact to:

Workflow Step