The DailyStory + MINDBODY ONLINE integration enables you to use the power of DailyStory's marketing and automation tools with the MINDBODY health and wellness platform.

When enabled, MINDBODY integration allows you to sync MINDBODY customer data, fields, memberships, and more directly to DailyStory. Then, use DailyStory’s powerful segmentation and personalization tools to craft targeted messages for your clients.

DailyStory's MINDBODY integration is only available to customers using the Professional or higher version of DailyStory.

Configuring MINDBODY Integration

There are several steps required to configure DailyStory and MINDBODY integration. These steps are detailed below.

  1. Obtain MINDBODY Site Id

When you login to your MINDBODY account you can easily find your Site Id in the url. For example:


In the above URL the Site Id is -99.

Your MINDBODY Site Id may be a negative number.

Copy your Site Id and then login to your DailyStory account.

  1. Configure Site Id

Login to DailyStory and navigate to Admin > Integrations, click on the MINDBODY integration and add your Site Id:

DailyStory + MINDBODY

Next, click Save.

  1. Activate MINDBODY API

After saving your Site Id DailyStory will display a pop-up with a MINDBODY URL and Activation Code:

DailyStory + MINDBODY Activation

Copy either the URL or the Activation Code and use it within MINDBODY to activate API access for "DailyStory".

Please see this article on MINDBODY's website for more details on the steps required to active API access.

Fields DailyStory Syncs with MINDBODY

DailyStory will sync the following fields from MINDBODY:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • City
  • State/Region
  • Country
  • Zip/Postal code
  • Gender
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Promotional Email Opt In (“Subscribe to our newsletter & promotions” setting checked profile)
  • Client Status (Anything other than “Active”, will flag the contact in DailyStory as “Inactive”)
  • Client Photo
  • Client Membership
  • Member Id
  • First seen date

The fields: Client Status, Client Membership and First seen date are automatically available as indexe profile fields that can be used to build segments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about DailyStory's MINDBODY integration.

Why is MINDBODY integration only available with certain DailyStory licenses?

MINDBODY requires partners to pay to access the APIs for each MINDBODY Site Id. Because this is an expense for DailyStory, we only offer this integration for some licenses. However, please contact us as we can make exceptions.

Does DailyStory update my MINDBODY contacts?

Currently, no. DailyStory only receives updates from MINDBODY. We may consider adding two-way sync in the future.

How often does DailyStory sync data with MINDBODY?

DailyStory syncs data with MINDBODY every 3 hours.