DailyStory + Twilio

The DailyStory + Twilio integration enables you to use the power of DailyStory's marketing and automation tools with a powerful cloud communications platform: Twilio.

When enabled, Twilio allows you to:

  • Send SMS messages to your Contact's mobile phone number.
  • Send Push notifications to iOS and Android apps registered to your Contacts.

DailyStory takes care of communicating with Twilio to track delivery and clicks in SMS messages.

Configuring Twilio Integration

There are several steps required to configure DailyStory and Twilio integration. These steps are detailed below.

  1. Create a Twilio Account

Visit Twilio and create an account. You can create a free account that comes with enough credits for you to experiment with DailyStory's Twilio integration.

Before you can use the Twilio integration you'll need to select a phone number within Twilio.

  1. Twilio API Credentials

After creating your account and setting everything up, you are ready to connect Twilio to DailyStory.

Login to Twilio and click Show API Credentials in the top right. Copy your Account SID and Auth Token

DailyStory + Twilio API Credentials

  1. Twilio Phone Number (optional)

To enable DailyStory to send SMS/Text Messages, you need to configure a phone number in Twilio.

At this time DailyStory only supports a single phone number.

Once you have created a phone number in Twilio, you can find it in your Twilio console:

Twilio Phone Number

  1. Twilio Notify (optional)

To send Push Notifications you need to enable the Twilio Notify Service and provide a Service Id to DailyStory.

Push Notifications will only be sent to Contacts that opted in to receive Push Notifications on their iOS or Android device and the App registers the device id with DailyStory.

Once added to your account, click the red plus and add a new Notify Service.

Note, there are additional steps required to configure Twilio for Apple Push Notification and Android Notifications. Please see Twilio's documentation for further configuration steps.

Once you have created a Notify Service, add the Service Id (SID) to the Twilio integration in DailyStory.

Twilio Service Id

Next, configure DailyStory to use the credentials, phone number and service id.

  1. Configure DailyStory

Log into your DailyStory account and navigate to Admin > Integrations and select the Twilio integration:

DailyStory + Twilio

Enter the Account SID, Auth Token, Phone Number, Service Id.

The Service Id is optional, but the all other fields are required.

Next, click Save.

DailyStory will attempt to send a test SMS to the phone number you configured for DailyStory to verify the integration is properly setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.

Do I have to setup Twilio integration to send SMS/Text Messages?

Yes, if you want to send SMS/Text Messages to your customers as part of a campaign you must configure Twilio.

Do I have to setup a Notify Service to send SMS/Text Messages?

No, only setup a Notify Service (and set a Service Id in DailyStory) if you have an iOS or Android app that you would like DailyStory to integrate with.

Do you support other communication platforms?

No, currently we only support Twilio. We are considering supporting additional cloud communication platforms in the future.


If you received an error when saving your Twilio credentials it means that something is misconfigured with Twilio.

First, we recommend double-checking the Account SID and Auth Token to ensure that the values are the same as the values provided in Twilio. This is the most common problem.

Next, double-check that the mobile phone number used by DailyStory is a valid and working. The mobile phone can be found in Admin > Personal Settings.