Zapier Integration for DailyStory

DailyStory's Zapier integration enables you to connect DailyStory with thousands of other applications using Zapier’s Triggers and Actions:

  • A Zapier Trigger listens for events that occur in your applications. For example, you can create a Zapier Trigger for Gmail that looks for certain emails.

  • A Zapier Action defines an action to be taken in your applications. For example, creating a new lead in DailyStory.

A Trigger combined with one or more Actions is called a “Zap”.

DailyStory’s Zapier support includes both Triggers and Actions specific to DailyStory.

DailyStory Triggers

DailyStory provides several Zapier Triggers:

DailyStory Zapier Triggers

  • Link Click - if a DailyStory tracking link is clicked.
  • New Lead - if a new Lead in DailyStory is created.
  • Page Visit - if a page configued for lead visit alerts is visited.

DailyStory Actions

DailyStory provides several Zapier Actions:

DailyStory Zapier Actions

  • Create or Update Lead - called first after any trigger to ensure that a lead is created in the correct campaign. It returns the ID of the lead. This id can be used with the Add Lead Activity action as well.
  • Create or Update Contact - creates or updates a contact in DailyStory, but does not add the contact to a campaign.
  • Add Lead Activity - easily add details to the lead about the type of activity the lead participated in, for example Attended GoToWebinar meeting.
  • Send Email - sends an email to a given lead.

Common Use Cases