Push Notifications

DailyStory Push Notifications enable you to create personalized and targeted messages sent to DailyStory Contacts as part of a Campaign's Workflow. Push Notification messages are delivered to iOS and Android App(s).

Push Notifications will only be sent to Contacts that opted in to receive Push Notifications on their iOS or Android device and the App registers the device id with DailyStory.

DailyStory Push Notifications are sent using Twilio and the Twilio Notify Service integration must be configured.

Creating a Push Notification

Unlike features such as Email, Push Notifications are only configured within a Campaign's Workflow.

To create a new Push Notification, navigate to a Campaign's Workflow and add a "Push Navigation":

Push Notification

Next, set the title and message content.

Recommended title and message length vary between devices. However, in general, a Push Notification should be as short as possible.

Testing Push Notifications

DailyStory includes several tools for testing Push Notifcations. If you have access to the Administration section, navigate to /tools and find the Push Notifications section:

Push Notification Tools

Using these advanced tools you can verify if a Contact has a registered Device Binding, manually register a Device Binding for a Contact, or Send a Push notification to a specific Contact.