DailyStory Quick Start

Welcome to DailyStory! We put this guide together to help you get started using DailyStory.

See the Technical Setup Guide for advanced setup options such as setting up a custom subdomain or custom email address.

First, you need to add the DailyStory tracking tag to your website. The tracking tag connects DailyStory and your website and is required to use many of the features of DailyStory.

  1. Install the Tracking Tag

The tracking tag is a small piece of JavaScript that needs to be added to the <head> of all your pages.

Follow these instructions to install the DailyStory tracking tag.

The DailyStory tracking tag is similar to other tags, such as Google Analytics, that you are already using.

We have instructions for installing the tracking tag manually as well as using our WordPress plugin.

  1. Create a Campaign

Once you have the tracking tag setup, you'll want to create some campaigns.

Sample Campaigns

Note, the number of campaigns is limited by your license

Everything in DailyStory is associated with a campaign. For example, if you have a set of customers that you want to enroll in a drip campaign, send emails for a new trial, or track signups on a form, you'll first need a campaign.

When you create any new assets, such as an Email, Tracking Link, or Landing Page you'll be prompted to either select a campaign or quickly create a new one.

Instructions and recommendations for creating campaigns

  1. Create a Lead in your Campaign

Leads are created in your campaigns in several ways:

  • Manually using the + Add Lead button and completing the Create Lead form.
  • Contact Import bulk importing new contacts and assigning the imported contacts to a campaign.
  • Forms when visitors complete either a Web Form or Magic Form.
  • Popups when visitors share their email address in a popup.
  • API when the API is used to create a new lead, such as through Zapier integration.

There is a contact for every lead. A contact who is in a campaign is called a lead.

For example, if you have a Newsletter Signups campaign and Elon Musk signs up for your newsletter you will see a new lead in your Newsletter Signups campaign.

Sample Lead