Text Messages

Use DailyStory Text Messages to send personalized and targeted messages to your Contact's mobile device.

Text Messages are a powerful tool. Use them to send personalized communication to your customers mobile devices. This can include:

  • Thank you messages
  • Reminders
  • Imporant notices
  • Offers and discounts

DailyStory's Text Messages support personalization and are sent individually to each contact. This is different from other broadcast Text Messaging services which send the same message to all recipients.

Text Messages are sent to Contacts that opted in to receive Text Messages and have a valid mobile phone number.

DailyStory Text Messages require Twilio integration. DailyStory can manage and configure this service for you, or you can do it yourself.

important unless included, use of Text Messaging will incur overage charges in your DailyStory account. These charges are pass-through costs from the phone companies that charge per-SMS part. See Understanding Text Messaging costs for more detail.

This guide provides a list of resources to help you get started with Text Messages.

Create and Edit a Text Message

Frequently Asked Questions

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Create a Text Message

To create a Text Message, navigate to Content > Text Messages. Next, in the main Text Messages menu click + Create. This will open the Text Message editor.

When the editor opens select the campaign this Text Message is used within or create a new campaign.

Next, select a name and message for the Text Message. As you type your content you'll see a preview of what your Text Message will look like. The Name of your Text Message is only used internally within DailyStory.

Create Text Message

Recommended message length is 160 characters. Exceeding this length will still deliver this as a single message, but it is then considered multiple SMS messages. Please see Understanding Text Messaging costs.

As you type your message, you will also see helpful information under your message update with the number of characters and segments your message uses.

Within the message of your Text Message you can also use Personalization tokens and conditions to target the content to each recipient.

Finally, Save the Text Message.

Once the Text Message is saved you can also schedule when and to whom the Text Message is sent to. The Text Message is also now available to add to a campaign's workflow.

Edit a Text Message

To edit a Text Message navigate to Content > Text Messages and select the Text Message to edit.

All Text Messages

This will open the Edit Text Message screen. This screen is nearly identical to the Create Text Message screen.

If you edit the content of a scheduled Text Message, the scheduled Text Message will use your new content.

Test a Text Message

Clicking the Send Test button in the Text Message editor will open a popup.

By default, the mobile number in the popup will be set to the mobile number in your Personal Settings.

Sending a test Text Message will only send the Text Message to the specified mobile number.

Send Test Text Message

Send Text Messages

Similar to other features such as Email and Push Notifications, Text Messages are sent through Campaign Workflows and Campaign Schedules.

Send using Scheduler

To send a Text Message using a Campaign's Schedule edit the Text Message and scroll down and set the segments to send to and the date and time to send.

For example, to send to customers in the 'Upcoming appointments' segment at 10am.

Schedule Text Message

Send dates and times are based on the Timezone configured for your account.

Send using Workflow

To send a Text Message using a Campaign's Workflow. Add a Text Message Workflow Step and select the Text Message to send.

Workflow Text Message

Unlike a send that is scheduled, a workflow applies to everyone in the campaign.

Understanding Text Messaging costs

DailyStory Text Messages requires Twilio integration. Twilio provides the infrastructure service for sending Text Messages.

Because telecommunication companies charge per-Text Message, it's important to understand how this cost impacts you.

DailyStory can manage your Twilio account for you and bill for overages or you can setup your own account and provide that information to DailyStory.

Twilio's pricing is published here. Programmable SMS, the service DailyStory uses to actually send your Text Messages has a cost of $0.0075 per-message.

Character count and segments

A Text Message may contain up to 160 characters. If the message length exceeds 160 characters, the message is still delivered as a single message to most modern devices. However, the message may be broken into multiple message parts known as a segment.

For example, this message contains 180 characters and is broken into 2 segments.

Text Message segments

DailyStory provides some helpful information below the message for the approximate character count and number of segments required to send the message. However, is provided as guidance only.

Because of this, the cost for sending this Text Message is $0.0075 * 2 = $0.015/per-message.

This would then be multiplied by the number of people the message is sent to. For example, if the Text Message is sent to 500 contacts the cost is $7.50 ($0.015 * 500).

Using non-standard characters

While the character count for a Text Message is limited to 160 characters, not all characters are created equal. For example, because emojis use special character sets, a single emjoi may require use of an additional segment to send the message.

Handling message replies

If a recipient of a Text Message replies to the Text Message, this too incurs a message cost.

Opt out of Text Messages

If a recipient replies to a Text Message with "STOP", they are opted out of future Text Messages from the sending number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about Text Messages:

Is everyone sent the same Text Message?

No. Each Text Message sent by DailyStory is send indivudally to each recipient. This is done so each message can be personalized to each recipient.

Can I personalize the content in the Text Message?

Yes! Using DailyStory's Personalization tags you can add personalized content to your Text Messages.

Why didn't my contact receive a Text Message?

There are several reasons why a recipient did not receive your Text Message:

  • The mobile number for the recipient is not capable of receiving Text Messages;
  • The recipient may not have been included in the segment the Text Messages was sent to;
  • The recipient may not have opted-in to receive Text Messages;

How do I enable DailyStory to send Text Messages?

Enabling DailyStory to send Text Messages requires Twilio integration is configured. DailyStory can manage and configure this service for you, or you can do it yourself.

Can I use emojis in my Text Messages?

Yes! You can use emojis in your Text Messages. However, because emojis are not considered standard text, each emoji impacts the size of your Text Message. Please see Understanding Text Messaging costs for more detail.

What happens if someone replies STOP?

If a recipient replies with STOP, they are automatically opted out of receiving Text Messages.

Can I choose the number Text Messages originate from?

Yes, you can provide the area code that Text Messages arrive from. Please let us know which area code you prefer and we can help configure.