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DailyStory's Email Designer enables you to quickly build robust emails. However, more complicated email designs typically start from an HTML base.

As an example, if you have an existing email design you wish to use in DailyStory the best way to start is to copy-and-paste the HTML of that email as HTML and CSS.

Editing the HTML of an email is an advanced option. And, emails built with the Email Designer will initially prevent you from editing the email:

However, you can always click "Unlock HTML Editor" to edit the HTML.

Editing the HTML of an email built with the designer may cause the designer to no longer recognize widgets added with the designer.

Editing CSS

While editing the HTML of an email built with the designer is not recommended, the CSS of an email may be editing with no impact to the designed email.

Click the CSS tab and edit/modify CSS rules for your email.

When DailyStory sends an email built in the designer it merges all the CSS and HTML together. The full CSS is always included in a <style> tag of the HTML body of your email, but DailyStory will also attempt to inline CSS rules as well. You can preview an email and view the source to see what the fully merged HTML of the email will look like.

DailyStory will not attempt to merge the CSS/HTML of an email that is entered in as HTML. It will be sent unmodified.

Editing the Plain Text

Emails sent by DailyStory always include both an HTML version and a Plain Text version.

The plain text of the email is edited from the HTML Editor's "Edit Plain Text" tab. If not provided, DailyStory will attempt to automatically generate a plain text version of your content when the email is sent.

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