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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) email is a technology that enables interactive emails. AMP emails support forms, image carousels, and more interactions directly in the inbox. Google calls these “dynamic emails".

Support for AMP emails is dependent upon the email client. Several of the most popular email clients, Gmail and Outlook, both support AMP emails.

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To create an AMP email in DailyStory, navigate to the HTML editor for email. Next, click on the Edit AMP tab:

Copy/paste and or edit the AMP content. This content will be included as an additional mime type (text/x-amp-html) in your email.

Important an email must contain an HTML version in addition to the AMP version because not all email clients support AMP emails.

Next, there are several requirements to enable recipients to display your AMP email. For example, to send email to Google, you must register with Google to send dynamic emails.

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