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The DailyStory Slack App integrates with DailyStory's automation engine to post messages to your Slack channels.

Messages also support personalization from standard and custom contact fields. For example, "Lisa just viewed the licensing and pricing page on the website" or "Mark just downloaded the 10 tips for better automation guide."

Use the DailyStory Slack App to keep your team updated on any important marketing and sales activity:

  • When a lead visits a particular page in your web site
  • When a lead replies to a text message
  • When a lead completes a form on your website
  • When a lead reaches a certain number of points

And these are just some of the options available!

Enabling the Slack App

  1. Go to DailyStory Integrations

Sign in to DailyStory and navigate to Account Settings > Integrations.

  1. Authorize Slack

Find the Slack integration and click the Authorize button. This will open a popup window.

  1. Select Channel

Next, select a default channel that the DailyStory App can post to. For example, #DailyStory. Click Allow.

That's it, the DailyStory Slack App is ready. You can now configure Autopilot actions to send notifications from DailyStory to this channel.

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