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Actions are Autopilot blocks that do something. For example, send an email.

Send an email The Send an email action sends the lead an email if the lead is opted in to receive emails.

Send a text message The Send a text message action sends the lead a text message if the lead is opted in to receive text messages and if the lead has a mobile number.

Send a push notification The Send a push notification action sends the lead a push notification if the lead is enabled for push notifications.

Add to segment The Add to segment action adds the lead/contact to a segment if they do not belong to the segment.

Remove from segment The Remove from segment action remove the lead/contact from a segment if they belong to the segment.

Add tag The Add tag action is used to add a tag to contact.

Remove tag The Remove tag action is used to remove a tag from a contact.

Send an email notification The Send an email notification action enables you to send an email notification to a user in DailyStory. The notification will automatically include the lead details. A custom message can also be included.

Send a text message notification The Send a text message notification action enables you to send a text message notification to a user in DailyStory. The message support personalization tags used to describe the lead, e.g. "{{user.firstname}} visited a page..."

Change lead status The Change lead status action changes the status of a lead. A lead's status can be changed from Active to Qualified, Nurturing or another status.

Add to campaign The Add to campaign action adds the lead to another campaign (but also leaves the lead in the current campaign). For example, if a lead completes a campaign at the end of the campaign they can automatically be moved to another campaign, such as a nurturing campaign.

Remove from campaign The Remove from campaign action removes the current lead from the campaign. For example, if the lead is changed to a nurturing state they may no longer be relevant to the campaign. At DailyStory when a lead converts to a customer we use this action to automatically remove them from the trial campaign.

Resend an email The Resend an email action enables an email that was previously sent to a lead to be resent but with a different subject line. This action is unique because DailyStory does not ordinarily allow a recipient to receive the same email twice. When this action is used the email is able to be sent again to the same recipient. However, the subject line must be different. This ensures that the email does not appear to be a duplicate in the recipient's inbox. Read more

Call a webhook The Call a webhook action attempts to make an HTTP POST to a URL specified in the properties of the action. The body of the webhook should be a JSON representation and may use personalization tags for substitution. For example, to pass the lead's email use {{}}.

Assign points The Assign points action is used to add or remove points to a lead. For example, if your target market is English speaking countries you could add points for some countries and event remove points for other countries. Points are useful for scoring a lead. Once a lead accumulates a certain point threshold, the lead could become sales qualified, moved to another campaign, tagged or just about anything else you want to do.

Set next contact date The Set next contact date action is used to set the date/time the contact can next receive any messaging from DailyStory. When set to a future date, DailyStory will prevent all messages from being sent to the contact. If you want to delay sending messages, such as in a drip campaign. Use the When past date/time or When time has passed trigger.

Auto-route to subaccount The Auto-route to subaccount action automatically routes a lead to the subaccount geographically closest to the lead's location. This action is used primarily with DailyStory customers that have various physical locations, such as a fitness franchise with multiple locations. When the lead is routed to the subaccount, DailyStory will create the lead in the subaccount in a campaign named identical to the parent's campaign. If none is found, a new campaign is automatically created and the lead is added.

Restart workflow The Restart workflow action resets a lead within the workflow so that the lead can be processed through the workflow again. For example, an automation that scores a lead for visiting a specific page in your website. The same lead can visit multiple times and this would enable the lead to accumulate additional points on each visit.

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