Sending a Single Text Message

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You can use the Single Send feature to send a text message to a single contact. Select Single Send from the Text Message drop-down menu.

The Send a Text Message box is displayed. On this box, you can start composing your text message with a maximum limit of 160 characters. Optionally, you can add an image to your text message by selecting the image icon in the Image URL field. After you've finished composing your text message, enter the name of your recipient, and then select Send Text Message to send your text message. To learn more about the fields on this box, refer to Understanding the Send a Text Message box fields.

Tip: Make sure to check your available text message credits and the number of credits that you'll need to send your text message. You can find these information below the Live Input Display.
Understanding the Send a Text Message box fields

You can use the following table to determine the appropriate action and value for each field on the Send a Text Message box.

Field name


Send to

Enter the name of the recipient of your text message.


Enter your message content.

Image URL

Optional: Add an image to your text by selecting the image icon. The Select a file to add window is displayed. You can select an existing photo in your DailyStory account or upload a new one.

Send Text Message

Select this button once you finish composing your text message.


Indicates the number of characters you've already entered. Note that the character limit is 160.

Credits Required

Indicates the number of text message credits your text message will require.

Available Text Message Credits

Indicates the remaining number of text message credits that's available for your use.

Live Input Display

The Live Input Display enables you to see how your text message will appear on a phone, once received by your recipient.

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