Text Message Deliverability Score

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The Text Message Deliverability Score is a tool built-in to the text message editor to help you avoid getting your message flagged as a carrier violation.

A carrier violation effectively means that the carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) flagged your message as SPAM and are actively blocking message delivery.

When editing a text message, click the "Check Deliverability Score" button. This will generate a score and some helpful reasons as to what is impacting your score.

In general you should attempt a score of 85% or higher. And while this does not guarantee that your message won't be blocked, there is a much higher chance of delivery.

What impacts the deliverability score

DailyStory maintains a list of over 500 words and phrases that are known to impact carrier deliverability. For example, a low impact phrase may be "get 15% off" whereas a higher impact word or phrase uses terms that may be illegal, "buy cannabis today".

In addition to words and phrases, the URL used in your text message is important. We strongly recommend shortening your own URLs using a domain that is unique and only used by your company. The good news is that DailyStory has a built-in shortner: https://txts4.me that is used automatically.

The reason for this recommendation is that shared shortener domains, like bit.ly and goo.gl, are used by a wide variety of messaging industry-wide, potentially including spam or unwanted content which is filtered by carriers.

This can lead to any messages containing URLs on these domains being filtered by carriers' automatic filtering systems, even if the other message content is not objectionable.

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