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Deleting and Restoring Deleted Segments

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Deleting segments

To delete a segment, go to its edit page. On the bottom part of the page, double-click on Delete > Really? DailyStory then temporarily moves the segment to the Segments Trash bin.

Warning: If the segment you deleted was assigned to active campaigns, the system automatically removes the segment from affected campaigns.

To access the Segments Trash bin, open the Segments hamburger menu, and then select Trash

Permanently deleting segments

Deleted segments remain in the Segments Trash bin for a maximum of 30 days, after which the system permanently deletes the segment.

You can also permanently delete a segment yourself by going to its edit page. At the bottom-left of the page, double-click on Delete → Really? The system permanently deletes the segment and redisplays the Segments Trash bin page.

Tip: You can determine the exact date the segment will be permanently deleted by the system by going to the segment’s edit page. The deletion date is indicated at the top of the edit page.

Restoring deleted segments

If the deleted segment is still available in the Segments Trash bin, the segment can be restored and enabled for campaigns again. Go to the segment’s edit page, click on Remove from Trash, and then save the changes.

Note: When you restore a segment, it retains its disabled status and is moved to the Paused Segments bin. Enable or unpause the segment when necessary. See Enabling and Disabling Segments to learn more.

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