Understanding Text Messaging Costs

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DailyStory sends Text Messages using  Twilio. Twilio provides world-class infrastructure for sending Text Messages and provides numerous unique capabilities that DailyStory is able to offer our customers.

Unlike emails, which are relatively inexpensive, telecommunication companies charge per-text message. It's important to understand how this cost impacts you.

DailyStory can manage your Twilio account for you and bill for overages or you can setup your own account and provide that information to DailyStory.

Twilio's pricing is published here. Programmable SMS, the service DailyStory uses to actually send your Text Messages has a cost of $0.0075 per-message and $1/mo per long code phone number.

DailyStory additionally support multimedia text messages (MMS) which allow for images to be included with your text message. An MMS text message costs and additional $0.01 per-message.

Character count and segments

A Text Message may contain up to 160 characters. If the message length exceeds 160 characters, the message is still delivered as a single message to most modern devices. However, the message may be broken into multiple message parts known as a segment.

For example, this message contains 180 characters and is broken into 2 segments.

Text Message segments
DailyStory provides some helpful information below the message for the approximate character count and number of segments required to send the message. However, is provided as guidance only.

In the example above, the cost for sending this Text Message is $0.0075 * 2 = $0.015/per-message.

This would then be multiplied by the number of people the message is sent to. For example, if the Text Message is sent to 500 contacts the cost is $7.50 ($0.015 * 500).

Using non-standard characters

While the character count for a Text Message is limited to 160 characters, not all characters are created equal. For example, because emojis use special character sets, a single emoji may require use of an additional segment to send the message.

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