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Content created for DailyStory emails including Title, Subject and Body of your messages support personalization tags and scripts.

Personalization is the recommended way to personalize email content.

However, DailyStory also supports Merge Tags, a simpler form of personalization supported in other email platforms. Merge Tags may be used in the subject and body of your email.

The table below lists the Merge Tags supported by DailyStory:

Merge Tag



The recipient's first name


The recipient's last name


The recipient's full name


The recipient's company name


The recipient's email address


The current date


The current time


The recipient's title


The logo configured for your tenant


URL for unsubscribe


A double opt-in URL


URL for subscription preferences

Important, if an *|UNSUBSCRIBE|* merge tag is not found in the body of an email an unsubscribe link is automatically inserted at the end of the email. An unsubscribe header with this link is also included in the email - these are best practices to ensure the email is not flagged as SPAM.

Any merge tags used in the email that do not have a value are automatically removed.

For example if the *|FNAME|* merge tag was used, but the contact does not have a Firstname field this: Hi *|FNAME|* Becomes: Hi

Merge tags provide a simple way to personalize your email, but do have limitations. For more robust personalization of your email use personalization templates.

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