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Personalization is your ability to use the data you have about your audience to understand how your content best fits their needs or interests. This ensures visitors and customers get messaging tailored to them.

DailyStory's Personalization engine utilizes a contact's profile properties and custom fields to build simple replacement personaization, such as displaying a person's first name, or more complex personalization to show varying blocks of content.

In most cases, personalization is as simple as displaying a person's first name:

Hi {{@ user.firstname}},

Or, showing different content if the person's first name profile was not set such as in an email:

Hi {{@ user.firstname default="friend"}},
Note the above conditional personalization logic could also be written as Hi {{#if user.firstname}}{{user.firstname}}{{else}}friend{{/if}},.

DailyStory's Personalization Engine uses opening and closing braces {{ and }} to signify markup the Personalization Engine needs to process. If you attempt to use double open or closing braces in your own content you will receive an error message when attempting to save your content.

Most uses of personalization are simple, but you can create more complex logic in personalization using conditional logic. For example, show a reminder that a membership is about to expire or thank them for a recent purchase.

The DailyStory Personalization engine is available for the following features:

  • Email - the use of personalization within email is available for the subject, preview text, body, and plain text body.
  • Text Messages - the use of personalization within text messages is available for the message body.
  • Push Notifications - the use of personalization within push notifications is available for the title and message body.

This guide provides a list of resources to help you get started.

Support for Spintax

Spintax enables the randomization of text within the content. This can be useful to create unique messages per send.

{{spin "Hi|Hello|Hey"}} there!

Spintax is similar to all other personalization, but only applies to content. The result is that for each send of the message the statement is randomized per send with either "Hi there!", "Hello there!", or "Hey there!".

Important: Preceding and ending spaces are automatically removed. For example, if the above text was instead "Hi| Hello|Hey", the space before " Hello" is removed and the rendered text is "Hello there!".

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