Setting up Keywords for Text Message Replies

Christy Cook Updated by Christy Cook

With DailyStory it is possible to create keywords for text messaging responses from your recipients. When a keyword is texted back as a response, the contact will automtically be added to a campaign.

This is exclusively used for adding people to a campaign. If you want to take an action when a keyword is received for a contact already in the campaign, use an Autopilot automation.

To create a keyword navigate to Content > Text Messages and click on the more option menu and click Keywords:

This opens the Text Message Keywords menu. Click Add Keyword to add a new key word and select the campaign and the auto-response sent back.

Both the incoming text and the auto-response count towards your text message credits.

The keyword does not need to be upper case. When the keyword is received DailyStory will automatically reply with the auto-response text and add the sender's mobile number to the specified campaign.

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