Upgrading Your Subscription

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Upgrading is easy, whether you started with a free account or your company has grown to the next level. Whether you need more marketing contacts, emails or text messages, our pricing is designed to grow with you.

Upgrade your current plan

  1. Log in to your DailyStory account.
  2. Navigate to Account Settings.
  1. Under the LICENSING AND USAGE section click Upgrade:
  1. Select the number of Marketing Contacts and the number of Text Messages you plan to send per-month:
  1. Once you've picked your preferred plan size, click Next > to select your payment option. If you are upgrading from a free plan, you'll need to enter a credit card:

If you are upgrading an existing plan you can use the credit card on file or provide a new credit card:

  1. You'll receive the following message once your purchase is complete and will be redirected back to your usage summary which reflects your account changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about upgrading your plan.

What happens when I upgrade my plan?

When you upgrade from a plan, e.g. $20/month, to a larger plan, e.g. $25/month you will immediately be charged the additional cost of the new plan. In this case, you would be charged $5. Your plan limits (contacts and SMS credits) are immediately upsized to the new plan. On your next billing date, your subscription is billed at the new rate of $25/month.

What happens when I downgrade my plan?

When you downgrade a plan, e.g. $25/month, to a smaller plan, e.g. $20/month, the plan is immediately downsized. However, there is no refund for the difference in the plan price. On your next billing date, your subscription is billed at the new rate of $20/month.

Can I downgrade from a paid plan to a free plan?

Unfortunately no, we don't currently support downgrading to a free plan. If you find yourself in this position, contact us and we can help you find the best fit.

What is an "active marketing contact"?

An active marketing contact is a record in DailyStory that counts toward your plan size. For example, if you have 800 contacts and are licensed for 1,000 contacts you have the ability to add 200 more contacts without upgrading your plan.

If, however, you have 1,200 contacts and are only licensed for 1,000 contacts you can make 200 contacts "inactive". Note though, only active contacts can be messaged. Furthermore, if a contact is messaged, they count towards your active contact count for the next 60 days.

For example, if Mary is contacted on June 1, 2023, and marked "inactive" on June 3, 2023, she still counts towards your "active marketing contacts" until August 3rd.

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