Free Plan (Freemium) Limitations

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The free plan offered by DailyStory allows you to use nearly all of the capabilities of the DailyStory platform for free, including sending text messages and emails.

Important: Please note the Free / Freemium plan requires that you complete the account verification prior to sending emails, text messages, or using automations.

However, while using the free plan you may receive this message:

Not Available on the Free Plan

This means you have attempted to access a feature or capability that is not available in the free plan and will require you to upgrade to a paid plan.

Note: Paid plans start for as little as $5/mo. To upgrade simply click the Upgrade your Plan button when you receive the above warning message.

Support for customers on the Free Plan

Customer support on the free plan is limited to chat and email support.

Data retention on the Free Plan

Data for reports are only available for the past 90 days. Anything older than 90 days is automatically removed. Paid plans have a 2-year data retention period by default with the option to go longer.

Email marketing restrictions on the Free Plan

Below are the email marketing restrictions on the free plan.

No authenticated sending domain

Under the free plan, you cannot setup a custom sending domain for your emails. While sending from the included domain will still yield good delivery, a sending domain that matches your business will yield the best delivery rates.

More specifically, this includes setting up the authentication rules that allow DailyStory to send emails on your behalf. For example, if you want to send emails from you can do this, but recipients will receive the emails as " on behalf of".

Unfortunately, this could cause some delivery issues with higher volume email sends. Therefore, an authenticated sending domain is generally the best approach, which you can do on a paid plan.

All emails sent will be sent from the domain and will automatically contain the following attribution in the footer:

500 email sends per month

The total of emails sent per month is limited to 500.

This is inclusive of both scheduled emails and automated emails but does not apply to notifications sent to you by DailyStory.

Once this limit is reached no additional email sends can be made without upgrading your plan.

Text message restrictions on the Free Plan

Below are the text message marketing restrictions in the free plan.

One sending number

Under the free plan, you can only configure a single sending number. However, the single sending number is both MMS and SMS capable and is more than adequate for sending text only or texts with images.

50 text message credits per month

The total text message credits per month is limited to 50. A "credit" is 160 standard characters or less. Messages with emojiis and images use more credits per message. 50 credits would be the equivalent of 50 basic text messages or approximately 16 MMS messages (messages with an image). To learn more about how text message credits work, please see Understanding Text Message Costs.

Once this limit is reached no additional text messages can be sent without upgrading your plan.

10DLC registration on the Free Plan

You cannot register you sending number for 10DLC on a free plan. All text message traffic is sent as unregistered traffic. However, we generally don't recommend 10DLC registration unless you anticipate sending more than 2K messages/day.

API access or Webhooks

You cannot create API keys or set up Webhooks on a free plan.

Android and iOS Push Notification Support

Support for Push Notifications is not available on a free plan.

Other limitations of the Free Plan

Below are other limitations of the free plan. The majority of these options are for advanced uses of the DailyStory platform and will not impede your use of the free plan.

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