Text Message Replies Report

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The Text Message Report provides a summary of all messages sent along with detail for each message.

Review how to navigate to the text message replies report with our video tutorial (below) or keep scrolling for more in-depth instructions!

You can find the Replied Report by navigating to Reports > Text Messages .

The report provides an aggregate view of all messages sent in the specified time frame.

The tabs at the top provide additional aggregate views:

  • Replied - all replies in the specified time frame across all messages sent
  • Opted in - all opt-ins for the specified time frame
  • Opted Out - all opt-outs for the specified time frame
  • Usage - costs associated with sending text messages during the specified time frame
  • Exports - additional exports (downloadable CSV file)

Detail Report

Clicking on an individual text message provides a detailed view of the selected message:

Within the detail view are additional reports:

  • Delivered - list of contacts the message was delivered to
  • Failed - list of contacts that failed to receive the message
  • Clicked - if click tracking is enabled, a list of contacts that clicked the link
  • Replied - replies to the text message
  • Opted Out - any opt-outs for the text message

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