Step 1: Set up your account

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You can view a video walkthrough of setting up your account, or scroll below for step-by-step instructions.

Enter basic account details

There are several important account settings you'll need to set up before you get started. Navigate to your user profile menu in the top right hand corner to access your Account Settings.

Important if your account is a free account you will need to complete the account verification first.

Company Settings

From the Account Settings Section:

  1. Verify Account Name (upload your logo, recommended).
  2. Verify Account Owner.
  3. Set the time zone for your company. This determines the time zone for scheduled content.
  4. Add additional users.
For Email and Landing Pages, be sure to complete the Company Contact Information and Links sections. These will auto-populate for icon widgets and footers used in the designers.

Personal Settings

From the Personal Settings Tab:

  1. Add your email and mobile phone information for easy receiving of test messages.
  2. Set your personal time zone and day and time format.
  3. Select personal notifications.

Other popular settings you may want to setup:

For articles on all account settings and customizations, see our Your DailyStory section.

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Step 2: Bring in your contacts