Assigning Tags

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Adding tags within a contact record

Once you've created a tag, you are ready to assign them to your contacts.

  1. Navigate to a contact's record.
  2. Click add from the Tags section.
  3. Select the Tag you'd like to add from the drop down list and click Add.
You can create as many new tags as you like and add as many tags to a customer as you like.
Easily remove tags by clicking on the x next to the tag name

Adding tags with an automation

  1. From within a campaign, create a new automation.
  2. From the Triggers tab, assign a trigger to start the automation.
  3. Click on the Actions tab to create an Action step.
  4. Drag the Add tag block onto the canvas.
  5. Select the desired tag from the drop down list and click on the X to close the step.

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