Design an Autopilot Automation

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The Autopilot Designer is a drag-and-drop designer used to visually built automations.

The elements in the designer are called blocks.

Automations are built with Triggers, Actions and Conditions:

  • Triggers - Autopilot blocks that start a workflow. For example, when a form is completed.
  • Actions - Autopilot blocks that do something. For example, send an email.
  • Conditions - Autopilot blocks that evaluate something.
An automation must always start with a Trigger.

Below is an example of DailyStory's 21 day trial automation that drips a set of emails over time to people who start a trial:

The automation starts with a Trigger: When added to campaign. It immediately sends an email then waits prior to sending the next email.

Drag-and-drop Blocks


Block Properties

When a block is selected on the designer (outlined in blue), a menu on the right side of the screen will open with additional properties for that block.

Below the Send an Email block is clicked and properties relevant to this action can be configured:

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