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Google Ads support lead forms that enable visitors to submit their information directly into the page showing the Google Ad. If you've setup Google Ads with lead forms this article will guide you through the process of setting up integration with DailyStory.

Create a campaign

The first thing to do is setup a campaign in DailyStory. Ideally the campaign should include an automation to send a follow-up email once a lead is added.

From either the created campaign or an existing campaign, copy the value of the "Campaign Tracking Token":

Next you will need your Site ID and Site URL. For example, your Site URL:

Configure Google Lead Form Ad

To configure the Google Lead Form Ad to send leads to DailyStory, log into your Google Ads account and navigate to Campaigns > Assets and select "Lead form".

This will show you a list of your ads that are using a lead form.

Next, click on one of the ads. Scroll to the bottom, "Export leads from Google Ads" and expand "Other data integration options":

Use the following URL:

[Your Site URL]/api/v1/webhooks/google/ads/[Your Site ID]

Next, enter the "Campaign Tracking Token" as the value for Key.

Finally, click the Save button.

That's it - when people complete your Google Lead Form Ad the information is published to DailyStory.

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