Where to Find Your DailyStory Beacon

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The DailyStory beacon, also called a tracking tag, is a small piece of JavaScript that needs to be added to the <head> of all your web pages. It enables website traffic analysis, journey mapping, conversion funnels and features such as Popups, Magic Forms and Tracking Links.

The DailyStory beacon is similar to other tags, such as Google Analytics.

Find your Beacon script in DailyStory

You can find the DailyStory beacon JavaScript by navigating to Account Settings > Website

The Site ID, which is already included in the JavaScript tracking code, is a unique identifier that helps DailyStory know data is coming from your website.

The DailyStory beacon should be added to any pages within your website, community or landing pages where you want to enable DailyStory functionality.

Installation Guides

You can install the beacon manually or follow one of our installation guides:

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Manually Add the Beacon