Creating and editing custom contact fields

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On the Custom Contact Fields box, select Add field. The page displays the Add custom field box. Enter the required information to create a new custom contact field. 

Note: On the Custom Contact Fields box, you can update any of the available fields. Select a field and the Update custom field box will be displayed. You can then proceed to updating the field as you prefer. Activities related to editing and removing fields are logged in the Audit Log.

To understand the fiels in this box, refer to the following section.

Understanding the custom field options

Use the following table to understand what information is required for each option in the box.

Option name


Field name

Enter the name of the new custom field.

Field data type

Select the corresponding data type of the new custom field from the drop-down list. 

  • Text — select if the value for the custom field is in text form. 
  • Number — select if the value for the custom field is in number form.
  • Decimal — select if the value for the custom field is in decimal form.
  • Date/Time — select if the value for the custom field is date or time.
  • Yes or No — select if the value for the custom field is either yes or no.
  • True or False — select if the value for the custom field is either true or false.
  • Text Array — select if the value for the custom field is multiple sets of text, separated by a semi-colon. This data type is primarily used for indexed lists of content, such as a list of membership types.

Pick list

This is an optional option that enables you to provide a pre-populated list of options for your custom field when you set Text or Text Array as its data type. You can still manually and freely add any value to the field even if a Pick list is enabled.

In the NAME box, enter the name of the option you want to add, followed by its option description in the corresponding VALUE box. Add as many options as you prefer. 

For an example with this configuration, refer to Sample custom field configuration.

Note: This feature only works when Text and Text Array is the assigned data type for the custom field. You can still configure Pick list options for other data types but they will not display or be available in live forms in DailyStory.

Include in export

Check this box if you want to include the custom field when you export contacts data.

Index field

Check this box if you want to index the custom field. This option enables you to use this custom field as a filter for when you’re searching for contacts.

Handling Special Codes

When contact field data is imported the default format is title casing. This ensures that data, when imported, is formatted in a friendly manner. For example, "gold members" would become "Gold Members".

However, in some cases contact field data should not be formatted, such as when custom codes are used. Contact fields with "_code" appended to the field name will not be title cased. For example, "2020-DISCOUNT" would remain in all caps.

When custom contact field data is populated through a sync service, such as MINDBODY ONLINE, the logic for how to handling casing of data is handled within the sync service.

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