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Building Exclude Segments

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When running campaigns you may want to exclude some contacts from receiving messages. For scheduled messages this is easily accomplished with the exclude option used to exclude members of a segment (see #2 below):

There are several ways these exclude segment can be built.

Create dynamic segment for excludes

Follow the same instructions for building a dynamic segment, but specify search criteria for people who should be excluded from your messaging.

For example, to exclude contacts based on their domain simply specify a comma separate list of the domains to exclude. In the example below a dynamic segment is built to exclude 26,185 people who have an email address of, or

Build an import file for excludes

Another common way to build an exclude file is to create a CSV file with a list of the email addresses to exclude and import that as a new segment.

Other tips for creating exclusion lists

Tagging contact records is a great way to help organize contacts into related groups such as "Customers". Then, if you want to exclude all customers it's really easy to create a new dynamic segment of customers and use that as the exclude segment.

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