Step 5: Set up text messaging

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Before sending your first text message, you need to set up and configure DailyStory text message marketing. This includes agreeing to the terms of service and selecting your sending numbers.

You will need to complete 3 steps to be ready to send text messages.

To get started, navigate to the User Menu > Account Settings > SMS Marketing.

STEP 1: Enable text message marketing

Complete Step 1 by enabling Automatic Billing. You will be able to determine the amount you want to be auto-billed at a later step.

STEP 2: Agree to the Terms and Conditions

To accept the Terms and Conditions click on the I Agree checkbox. Once the I Agree checkbox is checked the green Next button is shown to move to the next step.

These are the same terms and conditions agreed to when you log in to DailyStory.

STEP 3: Purchase sending numbers

The numbers associated with your account are called your number pool. We recommend purchasing a single SMS number to start with.

To add a new SMS number to your number pool, click the Add Numbers button.

This will open a popup used to search for numbers.

For example, in the screenshot below SMS numbers in the 972 area code were searched for and 2 were selected:

Ideally, your sending number should be in the same area code as the recipients you will be sending to.

If you have multiple numbers, once a number is associated with a recipient, that number is "sticky" to that recipient and all future messages to that recipient will be sent from the same number.

Important: if you plan to include images in your text messages you will need to also add MMS-capable numbers to your account in addition to SMS numbers. Follow the same steps above, but select MMS from the drop-down when searching for area codes.
The quantity of numbers you are able to purchase is determined by your license. This information is found on the Usage page and is typically sized appropriately for your license. Please contact us if you need more sending numbers.

You are now ready to send text messages! You can also use these numbers for keyword opt-in campaigns, etc.

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