Campaigns Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some frequently asked questions about Campaigns.

For lead acquisition campaigns, we recommend first creating a campaign called General Campaign, and then creating campaigns for the specific activities you want to track.

DailyStory will handle assigning leads to the appropriate campaign based on their origination.

What happens when I delete a campaign?

When a campaign is deleted, it is moved to the Trash. The campaign, its assets, and workflows are disabled. However, the campaign will not be permanently deleted and is recoverable from the Trash for up to seven days. After seven days, the campaign will be permanently deleted.

Once the campaign is deleted all assets associated with the campaign will be tagged as "Unassigned".

Why don't I see my campaign when trying to assign it to an asset?

In order for a campaign to be available to assign assets, it must be Active. Double check that you have enabled the campaign in the campaign settings.

What is an "Unassigned" campaign?

In your DailyStory account, you may see an email or other campaign asset associated with the campaign "Unassigned". The "Unassigned" campaign is a special type of campaign used when an asset is no longer associated with a campaign.

How do I archive a campaign?

To archive a campaign and retain the campaign activity mark, the campaign as disabled. Archiving a campaign retains all the data and assets for reporting purposes, but disables workflows and other campaign automation.

What happens when a contact is added to a campaign?

When a contact is added to a campaign either directly or as part of a segment, the contact becomes a new lead and a lead record is created for that contact in the campaign. Next, if the campaign has an associated workflow, the lead is automatically added to the workflow. The lead becomes eligible to receive all scheduled assets of the campaign, such as emails, text messages, push notifications, etc. Additionally, if the campaign has automation or scoring rules in place, the lead is automatically run through them as well.

Why am I seeing this error message?

When there are no leads in a campaign and a message is scheduled, the following error message is shown:

The message may still be scheduled, but currently there are no recipients to send the message too. Check your campaign settings and ensure that you have leads assigned to the campaign.

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