Add Contacts to a Campaign

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Add Contacts to a Campaign

There are 3 ways contacts are added to campaigns:

  1. Segments - Contacts are added using segments. A segment in DailyStory is a group of contacts who share one or more common characteristics and are grouped together for marketing purposes. For example, customers that are part of a loyalty program.
  2. Acquisition - Contacts are added when they convert from a web form, pop-up or other lead acquisition tools associated with the campaign.
  3. Manually - Contacts are added manually to the campaign.
Only contacts added to a campaign as leads are able to receive messaging, such as emails, from that campaign.

Using Segments Example

While Contacts can be assigned individually to a campaign, assigning segments is the easiest way to add large numbers of contacts efficiently.

Once segments are assigned to the campaign, you can use the scheduler to control which segments the email (or other asset) will be sent to and when:


By default the scheduler will send to "Everyone in this campaign", but if one or more segments are part of the campaign, you also have the option to select to send to specific segments.

To add one or more segments to a campaign:

  1. Edit the campaign
  2. Select one or more segments
  3. Save the campaign

For example, the segments "Customer List" and "Digital Agencies":

Add Segments
Note: DailyStory takes care of removing duplicate contacts. If a contact is in multiple segments, they are only added to the campaign once. And, if a segment is removed from a campaign, the contact will remain in the campaign if they are part of another segment.

Lead acquisition example

Let's look at a simple example:

Your website gets both organic traffic and traffic from a Google Ads campaign "Summer Sales". People complete a Contact Us form on your website and your sales team follows up.

Now let's add DailyStory.

First, create a Magic Form in the General Campaign to connect your Contact Us form to DailyStory. Organic visitors that complete the Contact Us form are added to the General Campaign.

Next, create a "Summer Sales" campaign with Tracking Links and use those tracking links in your Google Ads.

People that come in through your "Summer Sales" tracking link and complete the Contact Us form will be automatically routed into the "Summer Sales" campaign.

Manually adding existing contacts example

Unlike a lead acquisition campaign, where leads are added through forms on your website or integration with the DailyStory API, marketing to existing contacts is accomplished by creating a campaign and adding contacts or segments.

Contacts are added individually, by selecting multiple contacts from a search result, or by adding segments to the campaign.

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